Save it or lose it

It’s fading away or is expensive to maintain

If you do nothing to your media, it will disappear. Every media format ages and deteriorates until one day it just doesn’t work. Film can last a hundred years. VHS cassettes last less than a decade. Digital tapes, DVDs and hard drives need playback equipment that becomes obsolete.

Preserve It

It’s critical that legacy media be digitally transferred to a stable, long-term storage format. LTO (Linear Tape-Open) is the gold standard for long-term preservation—it can safely store data for up to thirty years. To truly preserve media for future generations, the Library of Congress says data should be migrated to newer formats every ten to twenty years.

One step at a time

Add it up

The first step in a media preservation plan, is to quantify the media. A small team comes onsite and examines the media. We take an inventory of the different formats and check their condition. From that, we create a working plan and budget for the digital ingest, cataloging and archiving of the library.

Take it all in

Aldis’ digital media experts will transfer each piece of media, preserving every tiny last detail. We make as perfect a copy of the original as possible. This is the last copy that may ever get made, so we use multiple layers of quality control to make sure we get it right.

Catalog it

If you can’t search it, you can’t find it. Organizing large-scale media projects is essential if you want to access your library of assets. Aldis' professional archivists will create a custom database that allows you to search and retrieve your collection as easy as using Google.

Make it look good

Whether it’s film, tape or digital, old media needs some help to look its best. Aldis works with established experts for specialized media restoration. We have long-standing relationships with post and film restoration facilities whose clients include Pixar, Showtime, The Criterion Collection and the UCLA Film Archive.

Keeping it safe

Lock it down

No matter what level of access you want to give your media, security and privacy is always our top concern. We construct network security and tight user permissions to ensure that only the people you authorize have access to your valuable media.

Who owns what?

We’ll create a rights management database to track all media to avoid release without the rightsholders' permission. Determination of rights is typically handled by an independent entity to ensure correct clearance details.

Experience matters

Integrated installation of required equipment

Library of Congress standards of preservation and organization

Ongoing MAM preservation services

Aldis MAM Archivists trained in library sciences

Lossless ingest of all formats

Restoration Expertise

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